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General enquiries: Is a phone consultation with a lawyer sufficient to solve my problem? 

Access to legal assistance is getting easier and easier these days. You can find a lawyer in just a few clicks, or you can call him or her for a flat fee, as Lawrence’s services offer. 

Is such assistance sufficient to solve a legal problem? We answer that here. 

We have to be realistic: the purpose of a telephone consultation will not necessarily be the immediate resolution of a problem, but rather an initial referral to a solution. 

On our platform, you will send your case to our database and we will put you in contact with a lawyer who specialises in your area of expertise. He or she will study your situation and arrange an initial telephone consultation with you. 

The telephone consultation allows us to give quick advice and to inform clients about the steps they will have to take to resolve their case, or to tell them what the law or jurisprudence says about their situation. 

It depends on the complexity of the case: it will be difficult to resolve an inheritance dispute over the phone, but a lawyer will be able to advise you on how to proceed, for example, and offer advice. 


When using online legal platforms, also check the lawyer they put you in touch with: does he or she have a good reputation? Is he or she a specialist in your field? 

Once these questions have been clarified, you should no longer have any doubts. 


Remember that you will always have the opportunity to meet the lawyer in the future and hire him or her.


In the end, the telephone lawyer is the right solution for quick legal advice and information. 

Submit your request to to arrange a telephone consultation with one of our partner lawyers!


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