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General enquiries: Legal advice: how to get the exact information you need

Do you have a legal problem and wish to seek advice from a specialist? You don’t know who to trust? This article is intended to shed some light on the subject.

Who can you turn to for advice?

There are various channels of information related to legal advice. Access to legal advice is facilitated by online legal platforms such as Lawrence. 

You will be able to expose your legal problem so that a lawyer can come back to you with a first line of advice. Afterwards, you can obtain more in-depth assistance, either through a phone call or a complete handling of your case.

In this way, you will easily and quickly obtain advice from a specialized lawyer, avoiding a laborious search!


What to ask?

When you ask for legal advice, it is essential to detail the facts and evidence as best as possible. Everything will be confidential, of course. The more the lawyer is informed, the better he can guide you according to the specifics of your case.

What is your question? 

Is it rather general or specific? Are you looking for information on a particular procedure or for complete assistance? Detail this at the time of solicitation, so that you can obtain tailor-made advice. 


What answer do you expect?

Do you simply want an orientation or a full explanation of the legal steps to be taken? 

Do not hesitate to tell your advisor about your wishes.

Above all, ask questions if something is not clear to you. It is important that you feel confident and reassured with your advisor.

Explain your problem on so that our specialized lawyers can give you the advice you need!

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