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Family law: What is the child’s alimony?

    After a divorce, both parents must make a contribution to the child’s care in the form of alimony. How much must be paid? Lawrence tells you all about this in this article.

    Alimony is a legal obligation of divorced parents. It must be paid until the child turns 18 or even 25 years old in order to cover possible higher education costs. 


    Who has to pay alimony?

    1. A) Shared custody 

    In a shared custody situation, the spouses will have to find a solution that is fair and proportionate to their custody. Both parents will therefore pay support to the child.


    1. B) Sole custody 

    One parent has majority custody of the child. The child will not have to pay child support because his or her contribution to the child’s care is made in kind. 

    The other parent will therefore pay alimony that contributes to the maintenance and education of the child. 


    How is the share calculated?

    The divorce judge determines the amount of the alimony and the method of calculation. This will be done according to the means of the parents and the needs of the child. 

    In a sole custody case, the parent who does not have custody of the child will usually pay :

    • 15% of the net salary for 1 child;
    • 25% of the net salary for 2 children;
    • 30% of the net salary for 3 children.


    The parent’s subsistence minimum, CHF 1200 per month for an unmarried person, will be respected. 

    Tiers are frequently used to calculate alimony payments. Their amount increases according to the age group to which the child belongs. 

    The contribution may be adjusted if the parents’ financial situation changes. 


    Alimony is a frequent source of conflict in divorced couples. Seeking legal advice is a good way of asserting your rights and obtaining the most appropriate amount possible.

    Do you wish to negotiate alimony? Lawrence will assist you in your legal steps and represent you before the judge!

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