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General enquiries: How to choose your lawyer? Here are our 7 essential tips!

Do you need a lawyer, whether for advice, legal guidance or representation before the courts? Choosing your lawyer is important because a lot can depend on him, mainly the success of the process you undertake. 

Here are our 7 tips that will help you make this choice!

  1. Get started in advance

Choosing a lawyer at the last minute can be harmful. A hasty choice compromises several factors: not finding a specialist available, a case being apprehended in a very short period of time, etc. On the other hand, soliciting a lawyer in advance of your legal problem will allow him to carry out a quality follow-up that will provide him with a thorough knowledge of the case. 

If you have the possibility, anticipate!

  1. Specialization

It is essential to choose a lawyer who specializes in your situation. Indeed, the best criminal lawyer will not necessarily be able to help you open your company! It is less complicated than it seems, you just have to foresee the difficulties encountered by each investment or each stage of life: a family lawyer when you get married or when a new member joins the family, a lawyer specializing in lease law or real estate law when moving into a new property, etc.

  1. Experience

Has your lawyer handled similar cases in the past? What were their outcomes? Find out about the lawyer’s success rate and experience in the field he or she claims to practice in.

  1. Geographic proximity 

The lawyer does not need to reside in your city, just to make sure that he or she can practice in your jurisdiction and that he or she can read the documents you submit. 

  1. Fees

The client often does not inquire about the lawyer’s fees, which can cause inconvenience when they are being settled.

Not all lawyers have the same rates. They vary according to the reputation, the firm, the complexity of the case, the time limits, etc.

Do not hesitate to contact several lawyers in order to compare their fee estimates and find out about the usual costs applied in similar cases.

Let your lawyer know your financial capabilities and whether or not he or she can handle the case. They will also be able to adapt to your resources, so be honest!

  1. Beware of advice from friends!

“My best friend’s wife is a lawyer, she can take over your case!”

The most common mistake is to rely on personal, friendly and family relationships, even if these relationships would result in a better rate or more favorable treatment.

This can be useful in an emergency or if you need preliminary advice.

Before a lawyer close to you takes charge of your case, you should check his or her specialization and experience. Will he or she be able to maintain confidentiality with the people around you? 

Above all, can your personal relationships be affected if the legal proceedings fail?

If you are certain of these elements and if you believe that the lawyer can handle your case, you can mandate him.

  1. Trust your instincts!

After all, it is your private or professional life that is at stake. There must be an immediate connection between you and your lawyer. Arrange a telephone conversation to discuss the case. This will be the best way to find out whether you want to start working together. The agreement is the key element in the relationship between client and lawyer!


We know that it is sometimes complicated to find a lawyer. It seems so far away, and we are afraid to choose the wrong person. Lawrence saves you the trouble of searching for a lawyer by putting you directly in touch with a specialized and experienced lawyer in your area!


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