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General enquiries: Do you have a legal issue? Here are the steps to follow to solve it.

Dealing with a legal issue can happen to anyone! After all, the law is all around us. No one is immune to litigation and it is normal to feel lost when faced with such a situation. This Lawrence guide explains how to proceed.

  1. Stay calm!

Anger and threats can only make your situation worse. Don’t make hasty or impulsive decisions and take the time to prepare your next steps.

  1. The evidence

In the event of a legal dispute, you will probably be asked to present evidence. Assemble the documents that can help you: letters, contracts, e-mails, etc. Do not try to obtain evidence illegally, as it will be inadmissible!

  1. The dialogue

It will always be best for the parties to settle disputes amicably, if possible. Talk to each other or send a registered letter written by a lawyer (they tend to be persuasive). Use resolution methods such as mediation, for example.

  1. Legal advice

If this fails, it will be essential to seek legal advice from a lawyer. The lawyer will answer your questions, inform you about the laws and case law that apply to your situation, the costs, and how to proceed. If necessary, he or she will represent you in court. We strongly recommend this, as it can only be to your advantage. 


The approach will vary depending on your case. Does it fall under contract law, civil law or criminal law?

You can always ask for initial advice on our platform , so that one of our specialist lawyers can assist you in your dispute!


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