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Accueil » About Us » General enquiries: Finding a lawyer in Geneva: how to proceed? 

General enquiries: Finding a lawyer in Geneva: how to proceed? 

    Do you need legal assistance in Geneva? We explain how to proceed.

    This article contains our general advice on how to find a lawyer. 

    It is important to check the specialization of the lawyer you wish to request. Does his or her area of expertise apply to your case?
    A lawyer who excels in banking law will not necessarily be able to guarantee you success in criminal law, for example. 

    You should also beware of word-of-mouth, especially in a small town like Geneva. Before following the recommendations of your relatives, make sure of the lawyer’s abilities. This is your personal or professional life all the same! 

    However, if you like the lawyer you have been advised by someone close to you, you can of course hire him or her. 

    We also advise you to consult us so that we can identify for you the specialized Geneva lawyer who is immediately available to assist you in your legal steps. We will inform you of the total honoraria you will face.

    The essential element in the choice of a lawyer will remain your instinct. Meet the lawyer you are interested in and discuss your case with him/her before hiring him/her. This discussion will usually allow you to determine if you wish to continue working with them. A good relationship between lawyer and client is crucial.

    Choosing a lawyer can seem complex. It is normal to be afraid to choose the wrong person to accompany you. However, Lawrence can help you in your search and find a lawyer in Geneva who is an expert in the legal field that concerns you! Describe your legal problem on our platform, and Lawrence will take care of the rest.


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