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General enquiries: Lawyers in Switzerland: Find the right lawyer for you in Switzerland!

Do you need legal assistance in Switzerland? We explain how to proceed.

This article contains our general tips for finding a lawyer. 

It is important to check the specialization of the lawyer you wish to apply for. Does his or her area of expertise apply to your case? 

A lawyer who excels in the field of banking law will not necessarily be able to guarantee the success of your divorce.

If you do not know the area of expertise of your case, do not hesitate to submit it to us for guidance and advice.

Once the area of law is confirmed, check the jurisdiction in which your lawyer can practice. In Switzerland, lawyers are registered at the bar in each canton. Therefore, finding a lawyer in Switzerland is usually a cantonal matter. 

The lawyers at each bar are members of the Bar Association of each canton. The respective websites have lists of lawyers, their law firm and their specialization. You can carry out a thorough search thanks to the filters that you can apply according to your case! Lawrence automatically filters your search according to the canton in which you are based and the area of specialization in which you encounter your problem.

Please also pay attention to word-of-mouth. Before following the recommendations of your relatives, make sure of the lawyer’s abilities. This is your personal or professional life all the same! 

Also: don’t forget to find out about the fees and compare them beforehand, to avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to billing! Once again, Lawrence saves you the trouble of searching and finds you the cheapest and most available specialist lawyer to assist you.

The essential element in choosing a lawyer will remain your instinct. Meet with the lawyer you are interested in and discuss your case with him before you hire him. This exchange will generally allow you to determine whether you wish to continue your collaboration. A good understanding between lawyer and client is crucial.

Choosing a lawyer can seem complex. It is normal to be afraid of choosing the wrong person to go with you. However, Lawrence can help you in this search and find a lawyer in your city in Switzerland or elsewhere, who is an expert in the legal field that concerns you! Describe your legal problem on our platform, and Lawrence will take care of the rest.

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