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Tenancy law: I wish to terminate my lease contract. What are the steps to take?

The steps to terminate your lease of indefinite duration depend on the tenant’s deadline: the termination can be within the deadline, or an early termination.

Termination within the deadlines:

If you terminate your lease within the time limits agreed in the contract, then all you have to do is send a termination letter to the landlord. 

The period of notice is set out in the lease contract. In the absence of precision, the legal period of 3 months, or 6 months for commercial leases, will apply.

The letter of termination must be sent in writing, preferably by registered mail. In order to be valid, the lessor must receive it at least one day before the start of the notice period.

This will terminate your rent, without you owing additional payments to your landlord!


Early termination :

Specific measures apply to tenants who wish to leave their accommodation outside the time limits provided for in their lease contract. 

In case of early termination, the tenant will have to propose another solvent tenant to the landlord. The conditions of the contract must be the same. It is always better to send a registered letter.

The lessor must not be prejudiced in this exchange. He can also reasonably refuse your proposal within 30 days of the request. If he refuses, the tenant will have to pay the rent because he has canceled the contract out of time. If the landlord accepts the proposal, the new tenant will take over the property and the old tenant will not have to pay any additional rent. 


The fixed-term lease contract will automatically end on the date stipulated by the contract. It will not be possible to terminate it earlier, unless otherwise specified in the contract. In this case, it will be necessary to draft a termination letter as for contracts of indefinite duration.

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