Tenancy law: I have done some renovation work in the kitchen of the apartment I am renting. Can I ask the landlord to reimburse me?

When faced with repair in rented properties, the first thing to clarify is who pays, to avoid undertaking work that won’t be not reimbursed. Lawrence will enlighten you on this subject. 


  1. Minor maintenance work

These repairs will generally be at the tenant’s expense, as they are part of the “usual” maintenance of the rented property, unless otherwise provided for in the tenancy contract. The contract may specify which repairs are to be borne by the tenant or the landlord. 

Typical minor maintenance work usually includes garden maintenance, replacement of a joint in the bathroom or kitchen, etc.


  1. Major renovations

When a major renovation is necessary, such as the complete renovation of a kitchen for example, it is in principle up to the landlord to finance the renovation.

The tenant can organize the renovation, but must first make a written request to the management or the landlord. If it is accepted, the renovation can begin.  

Never start work if your request has been refused by the landlord! You will have to pay the fees. 

However, if your landlord refuses to rectify a defect that prevents you from using your property properly, you can threaten to have the rent consigned. Read this article for more explanations!

Furthermore, if you carry out work without ever having informed your landlord and you present him with the invoice for the renovations or work after having started, you may have to face his justified refusal to reimburse you. 


Therefore, it is in the best interest of the tenant to inform his landlord of the defect and the renovation projects in writing, by registered mail. It is important for the management to be able to note the defect, as it will in principle be its duty to rectify it.

Acting against the landlord’s instructions can only put the tenant at fault!


Do you want to convince your landlord to pay for the work in your apartment? Lawrence answers your questions and assists you in your legal steps!


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