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Tenancy law: I’ve been renting the same apartment for five years. Can I ask my landlord to have the walls repainted?

Do tenants have a right to renovation? We will explain in this article.

Contrary to what many people think, there is no right to renovation. Just because you have been renting the same apartment for a certain number of years does not mean that you can demand a renovation, such as a new paint job for example. 

As long as the property has no defects or hazards for the tenant, the tenant cannot ask the landlord to renovate it. 

The defect must correspond to the technical and legal definition. “Normal” erosion of the paint is not considered a defect, but flaking is. 

Don’t go away defeated! You can always try to negotiate by applying gentle pressure on your landlord. A written, cordial and well worded letter can be persuasive!

If all your attempts are unsuccessful, and you are prepared to finance the renovation yourself, you can send a written request to your landlord. 

Would you like to negotiate with an uncooperative landlord, or would you like a lawyer to draw up a letter for you?

Lawrence answers all your questions and assists you in your legal steps!

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