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Lease law: My building has been undergoing renovation work for six months. They are making a terrible noise. What can I do?

Are you suffering from the nuisance caused by the renovation of your building? What can you do as a tenant? We will explain it to you.

You should know that the landlord has various duties towards his tenants. In particular, he must make sure that he does not cause them too much nuisance. In the event of work, the landlord must minimize them as much as possible. 

When there is work to be done, the tenant can ask for a schedule from the management to prepare for it. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you document your daily life in a notebook: note down the nuisances, the date, the time, take photos and videos. 

This will serve as proof when you ask for a rent reduction. The tenant is legally entitled to receive a rent reduction following work to compensate for the nuisance suffered. Some rental companies do this automatically, but do not always offer a reasonable reduction.

The rent must be reduced by between 10 and 25%, depending on the canton and locality. This must be proportional to the default.

The tenant may himself apply for a rent reduction by registered letter, in which the proof of default is explained.

Disputes must be addressed to the competent rent and lease courts.

Do you want to be compensated for the work you have undergone as a tenant? Lawrence answers all your questions and assists you in your legal steps!


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