Labour law: My contract provides for 4 weeks of holidays. I have been working for the same employer for 5 years already, can I change it?

Do you wish to ask your employer, for whom you have been working for several years already, for more holidays? This article explains what you can do. 

The law provides for a minimum of 4 weeks holiday for every worker, 5 if he or she is under 20 years of age. This is required to ensure the employee’s good performance. 

Many employers offer more vacation days or even closures during the holiday season. 

The number of vacation days must be contractually increased. The employer has no legal obligation to do this, however. 

In practice, the number of vacation days often increases in line with the employee’s seniority.


How can you ask your employer for more vacation?

Dialogue and courtesy are the watchwords. Be calm, smile and choose the right time to do so. It is important to highlight your seniority, your good services and to explain that vacations will improve your performance.

Following such a discussion, it is appreciated to send a well formulated letter with your request. 

Remember, however, that it is within the employer’s right to refuse an increase in leave.


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