General enquiries: Coronavirus – As a result of the Federal Council’s containment measures, many freelancers can no longer operate. Will they receive state compensation?

The closure of non-essential stores, as well as the containment measures ordered by the Federal Council affects many professionals. Many will be able to be compensated by the unemployment fund, but will this be the case for the self-employed? We answer that here. 

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In principle, a self-employed person will not be entitled to unemployment insurance. He/She will only receive compensation if he has paid contributions for at least 12 months in the last two years as an employee. Self-employed persons are only entitled to loss of earnings allowance in case of military service or maternity leave.

Unemployment benefits are intended for those who cannot influence their loss of employment. As self-employed persons are considered to be “their own bosses”, Swiss law does not provide for compensation.  

However, the coronavirus crisis is an unprecedented situation, and it is clear that self-employed persons are not responsible for the cessation of their activity.  

The debate has therefore emerged: in view of the extraordinary circumstances, should partial unemployment be exceptionally granted to the self-employed? 

The consequences of the coronavirus crisis are likely to be harmful if they are deprived of liquidity in the coming months. Indeed, the charges will not stop! 

The Confederation has consulted on this matter. On Friday, 20 March 2020, the Federal Council announced financial support of 40 billion Swiss francs to support the industry.

Faced with this unprecedented case, the Confederation decided to compensate the self-employed in the form of a loss of earnings allowance (the allowance offered during maternity leave or military service).

The self-employed will therefore receive state support. The details of this support are not yet known, but you can without further ado entrust this research to one of our lawyers!

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