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General domains: Coronavirus – Debt prosecution was suspended by the Federal Council. What will happen to my lawsuit?

Having declared an “extraordinary situation” within the meaning of the Epidemics Act, the Federal Council has used its power and decided to suspend the debt prosecution proceedings from 19 March to 4 April inclusive. 

In addition, the population will benefit from the usual series of proceedings until 19 April inclusive, i.e. 7 days before and after Easter. 

What does this mean for the ongoing proceedings, and those that we would like to initiate? We explain it here. 

The Federal Council has suspended the debt-related lawsuits in order to relieve companies and individuals, who are already suffering enough from the coronavirus crisis. However, this does not cancel the debts, but allows the deadlines to be extended. 

Thus, the suspension period will not count towards the deadlines. The counting will be restarted on the first canonical day. If a notification of continuation is received during the ferry, the procedure will also be started from the first canonical day only. 

If a time limit expires, it will be postponed to the 3rd canonical day as soon as the suspension is lifted. 


The suspension thus allows the debtors to “breathe” and organize themselves in view of the circumstances. It also benefits the creditor, who will not have to worry about possible delays due to the extraordinary situation. 


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