Law on ForeignersWork permit

Permits and naturalization: I am of European nationality and wish to work in Switzerland for an indefinite period of time. What do I have to do?

Do you wish to work in Switzerland for an indefinite period of time as a European citizen? You don’t know how to do so? Don’t worry, Lawrence will tell you how to proceed! Please note: Specific measures are in force for Croatian nationals. If this is the case for you, please inquire with the competent authority about the modalities.  As a citizen of the European Union and/or the…
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Law on ForeignersResidence permit

Permit and naturalization: I have been living in Switzerland for two years. Can I apply for family reunification for my wife and two children?

Do you hold a Swiss residence permit and would like your family, who is currently residing abroad, to join you? You will need to complete a family reunification procedure. Lawrence explains to you how to do it! As a Swiss resident, you can apply for family reunification, so that your relatives can also become Swiss residents, or in other words, receive a B permit.  Family members who have…
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Law on ForeignersNaturalization

Permits and Naturalization: All about applying for regular naturalization!

Do you want to become Swiss? In principle, you will have to apply for so-called “ordinary” naturalization. We explain everything you need to know! There are two types of conditions to be met in relation to residence and integration.  Ordinary naturalization is governed by the canton of residence. Applications are made to the Naturalization Sector of the Cantonal Population…
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Application for AsylumLaw on Foreigners

Comment déposer une demande d'asile ? 

 Les personnes concernées par une telle demande  Les personnes  qui sont menacées dans leur pays d’origine ou dans leur dernière résidence en raison de leur race, de leur religion, de leur nationalité, de leur appartenance à un groupe social ou de leurs opinions politiques peuvent obtenir le statut de réfugiés et déposer une demande. Attention toutefois, les…
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