Permits and naturalization: I am a Swiss citizen and married a Russian national. We are about to have a baby. Will he be Swiss?


You are a Swiss national and are expecting a happy event? Your wife is of foreign nationality and you are wondering if your child will be Swiss? We answer that in this article!

According to the law, Swiss nationality can be acquired at birth. If a married couple has a child and the father or mother is Swiss, the child will automatically become a Swiss citizen.

Moreover, Switzerland accepts the principle of dual nationality. Consequently, the child may be Swiss and of another nationality if the latter also allows dual nationality. The foreign passport will be obtained from the competent consular authority at the birth of the child.

Here we assume that the mother is a Russian citizen. Russian citizenship is also acquired at birth and the Russian Federation allows dual citizenship.

Thus, your child will have both Swiss and Russian citizenship if you apply for it!


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