Permit and naturalization: I married a Swiss national and we have two children. Can I apply for facilitated naturalization?


You are married to a Swiss national and want to become Swiss yourself? Lawrence will explain the procedure to you.

Marriage to a Swiss national does not allow the spouse to automatically acquire Swiss citizenship. However, you are eligible for the facilitated naturalization procedure! The application must be made to the State Secretariat for Migration.

How does the facilitated naturalization procedure work?

One factor to be considered is the place of residence of the married couple.

  1. A) The couple resides in Switzerland.

Naturalization may be applied for if:

  • The couple has been in a conjugal union (married) for 3 years;
  • The married couple has lived in Switzerland for a total of 5 years and in the year preceding the application for naturalization.


  1. B) The couple resides abroad.

Naturalization may be applied for if:

  • The couple has been in a conjugal relationship for 6 years
  • The foreign national has a close link with Switzerland.

This bond is defined by knowledge of a national language (French, German, Italian), general knowledge of the country’s culture (history, geography, politics, etc.), as well as regular contact with Swiss nationals.
In addition, you must have made at least 3 stays in Switzerland, each lasting at least 5 days, within the 6 years preceding the application.


In general, whether or not the couple resides in Switzerland, the applicant must :

  • Respect the security and order of the country;
  • Respect the Federal and Cantonal Constitution;
  • Not violate the internal and external security of Switzerland;
  • Participate in economic life or be in training;
  • Encourage and support the integration of family members in Switzerland.


Furthermore: If the binational couple is married, has children and one of the spouses is Swiss, the children acquire Swiss citizenship at birth. 

The facilitated naturalisation procedure takes approximately 1.5 years from the date of submission of the application to the competent authority. These periods run faster when the couple is assisted by a lawyer.


Do you need additional information, advice or support when applying for naturalisation? Lawrence will assist you in your legal steps!

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