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Tenancy Law: What is “tacit renewal” of my lease contract?

    Tacit renewal is a legal mechanism. According to it, a contract is automatically renewed at its expiry date, unless otherwise specified by the parties.

    Tacit renewal is present in lease law. In particular, it affects lease contracts of unlimited duration, which are renewed tacitly on an annual basis. 

    Fixed-term contracts may also be tacitly renewed for the same term, if this is explicitly mentioned in the lease contract. 

    Thus, a tacit renewal is an implicit renewal of a contract, not requiring a new signature or a new contract. 

    Tacit renewal is frequently a source of controversy, as consumers may be misinformed and may be forced to pay a considerable sum on several occasions. 

    We therefore advise you to be extra vigilant and above all not to sign any contract that you doubt! 

    Lawrence rereads your lease contract and advises you on how to sign it!

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