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General enquiries: Victim of a road accident: what are my rights?

You have been the victim of a road accident and wish to start legal action against the perpetrator. This article explains what you can do. 

  1. Be responsive!

It is important to take legal and administrative action from the moment of the accident. If you are unable to do this, a relative can take care of it.

Take as many photos of the accident site as possible and collect evidence, it may be essential!


  1. Clarify who is responsible for the accident

If you are the victim of the accident, getting an acknowledgement from the perpetrator will greatly facilitate legal proceedings (even if few usually immediately admit their fault). 

In any case, all parties will have to fill in the European accident report form, containing their details and those of the witnesses, as well as signatures. Always carry these forms in your vehicle!


  1. The criminal complaint

You can then file a criminal complaint within 3 months of the accident or the identification of the perpetrator (even if he has not admitted responsibility). 

Criminal proceedings will be automatically initiated if there has been serious bodily injury or death as a result of the accident. 

This is where evidence becomes important. 


  1. Insurance

Inform your health and vehicle insurances of the accident, so that the costs can be reimbursed. 


  1. Seek legal advice

Our most important advice is to hire a lawyer as soon as possible from the moment of the accident. He or she can take care of the inconvenient and time-consuming procedures associated with accidents. This is not an easy period and the lawyer will at least be able to relieve you of this, in addition to preparing a good case to win your case!


Victims of a road accident? Contact Lawrence to have one of our specialized lawyers take over your case and assert your rights.

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