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General enquiries: I’ve been speeding: what do I risk?

    Penalties for speeding depend on the location of the offense and its seriousness.

    Speed cameras record speeding and usually lead to a fine. If the excess is very high, the license is withdrawn and the offense can be entered in the criminal record.

    The speed limits in Switzerland are as follows: 

    • 120 km/h on motorways,
    • 100 km/h on semi-motorways,
    • 80 km/h on main and secondary roads outside localities,
    • 50 km/h in localities.

    There are also lower speed limits at 20, 30 km/h or less in specific areas, such as near schools. 


    Please note that there is a margin of tolerance for recorded speeding. It is explained in this link: 


    Were you flashed? Did you get a speeding ticket? Do you wish to contest a fine? Lawrence answers all your questions and assists you in your legal proceedings. 


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