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Labour Law: How long can I stay at home before and after the birth?

Whether you are planning a pregnancy or are expecting a child, it is normal to ask yourself what leave you are entitled to as a future mother.

Can I stay at home before the birth?

In principle, a pregnant woman must work until the end of the pregnancy. However, she can go on sick leave if her state of health does not allow you to do so by presenting a medical certificate. If you stop working and you do not have a certificate, your employer will not be obliged to pay you your salary. 

Some companies offer maternity leave in addition to the statutory maternity leave, which you can easily take before giving birth. The terms and conditions will be stated in your contract.


What happens afterwards?

On the day your child is born, your paid maternity leave will start. This is granted to all mothers who are gainfully employed, self-employed or unemployed in Switzerland.

It lasts 14 weeks (98 days), during which 80% of your salary is paid to you in the form of a maternity benefit. 

Mothers are prohibited from working for 8 weeks after giving birth. 

Once the 8 weeks have passed, you can stay at home for the remaining weeks or return to work. 

Please note that if you return to work earlier, you lose the remaining days off and the maternity benefit is no longer paid (but you will receive 100% of your wages again).


Whatever your situation, remember that the law protects you from having your contract terminated during pregnancy and in the 16 weeks following childbirth.

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