Leaving Switzerland with private goods in your vehicle: everything you need to know

Leaving Switzerland with private goods in your vehicle: everything you need to know

If you wish to leave Switzerland with private goods in your vehicle, you must comply with certain customs regulations.

First of all, if the total value of the goods you are carrying exceeds a certain threshold (about CHF 300), you must declare them to Swiss customs and pay the applicable duties and taxes. 

If you do not declare the goods and are checked at the border, you risk fines and additional costs.

It is also important to be aware that certain types of goods may be subject to restrictions or bans, including counterfeit goods, weapons, drugs, protected animal or plant species, etc. 

It is therefore advisable to check the rules on the import of these goods. 

If you are transporting goods subject to restrictions or bans, you must obtain the necessary authorisations from the competent authorities before leaving Switzerland.

Finally, if you are transporting goods in a Swiss-registered vehicle, you must ensure that your insurance covers any damage to the goods during transport.

To avoid problems when crossing the border, it is advisable to find out in advance about the customs rules for the goods you are transporting, as well as the necessary documents and permits.

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