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On which territory should I protect my brand?

    1. Types of protection

    You can protect your trademark in Switzerland and/or abroad. To do so, you must register your trademark in the various countries you wish to protect.

    2. Protection in Switzerland

    If you decide to file your trademark only in Switzerland, you can do so directly at the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI). You can also file your application electronically directly at the following address:

    3. Protection abroad

    There are different ways to protect your trademark abroad.

    First of all, you can file your trademark directly in the desired country. However, each country has different regulations in this regard. It is therefore necessary to find out about the various formalities to be respected in each case.

    In addition, you can also choose to register your trademark in the EU member states. Indeed, such a filing allows you to protect your trademark in the whole of the EU by a single filing with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) in Spain.

    Finally, you can also extend your national protection through the Madrid System. Such an extension application will allow you to protect your trademark in all member countries of this system. Moreover, such an application should be addressed directly to the IPI.


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