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Tax law: How do I declare my taxes if I am a student?

    You are a student and are facing your first tax declarations? Read this practical Lawrence guide to find out how to do it!

    Swiss law dictates that all income from employment must be declared, as well as bank interest on capital. 

    From the age of 18, the state requires the payment of taxes. Each canton has a minimum income, as of which the individual will be taxed.

    If you are a Swiss citizen, but study abroad, you will be exempt from taxes in Switzerland. 

    If you are a student in Switzerland and are not gainfully employed, you will be exempt from taxes.


    You are a student and are gainfully employed while you are studying.

    In principle, you will have to file a tax return. In some cantons, students are tax-exempt up to a certain income. 

    The tax return for students is the same as for all Swiss citizens. We invite you to read this article, which explains this process in detail!

    As a student, you will be able to deduct business expenses, rent and insurance premiums from your gross salary. Training costs cannot be deducted. 

    Parents’ financial support and scholarships are not taxable. 


    Are you lost with your tax declaration? Lawrence answers all your questions!

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