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Inheritance Law: When should I start writing my will? 

Questions relating to death and posterity are frequent and legitimate. Each of us has lost a loved one, a friend, an acquaintance, and no one is safe from an accident or fatality of any kind. Regardless of your age, it is imperative to be concerned about the consequences of your passing: unfortunately, it is all too often forgotten, and this article is intended to remind us of this. 

Whether we are rich, poor, alone, or at the head of a large family, each of us, at his death, will “witness” his possessions be passed on according to his last wishes.

There are many legal provisions in the case of a passing (see article), but most of us generally opt for a will. It is never too early to start drafting it, since the law simply requires that one be 18 years of age and capable of discernment. 

Certain events in life should encourage us to draw up a will, marriage and birth are of course the main ones. But the purchase of a property, a house, the signing of a “risky” contract or a long trip abroad are just as important!

It is imperative that the will be updated as these events unfold, in order to correspond as closely as possible to the situation of its author and, above all, to avoid possible disputes. Moreover, matrimonial and inheritance law allows a wide room for maneuver and infinite possibilities, as long as the initial instructions imposed by law are respected.

It is strongly recommended that you plan your will early enough if you feel that the solution provided by law is insufficient. This also applies if one wants to enforce particular wishes that the law does not automatically include (e. g. a donation to a charity). 

Furthermore, in the case of a complex family situation (a reconstituted family, assets located in several countries, a family business, etc. ), special precautions must be taken. A lawyer, notary or public official may need be called in to do the drafting. 

After the age of 18, there is no good time to start writing, and it’s never too early to start! 

Blank page syndrome? Don’t panic, the Lawrence team will help you to draw up your will!

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