Family law: Who, between the parents or the school, is responsible for an act of the child during a school trip?

Your child is on a school outing. If he or she commits an unlawful act during the period, who will be held responsible? The parents or the school?

The school is responsible for the child on a school trip. This is stipulated in the school rules. This is always reminded in the answer sheets that the parents must sign. 

The school can thus sanction the student according to the rules. 

If the child commits an offense during an outing and faces legal proceedings, the school will in principle be held responsible. This applies to both civil and criminal proceedings. 

However, the school may decline this responsibility if it has evidence that their supervision was sufficient and if the child was capable of discernment at the time of the facts. 

In addition, the reply slips frequently state that the parents will be charged for any damage caused by the pupil. By signing this document, the parents are therefore complying with it. 

In the vast majority of cases, the schools will do everything possible to decline responsibility in the event of legal proceedings. Parents should therefore call in a lawyer to defend their case and ensure the protection of their child and themselves.

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