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Family Law: What is my share in an inheritance, in competition with my half brothers and sisters?

Do you live in a stepfamily? Are you wondering how an inheritance will be divided between you and your half brother/sister? Lawrence explains it to you!

If there are no testamentary measures, Swiss law divides the inheritance as follows:

The spouse or registered partner receives half of the inheritance. The other half is divided equally among the children of the deceased. 

For example: You have a half-sister, your father is deceased. Half of his estate will go to his spouse and the other half will be divided equally among you. This way, each of you will get a quarter of the total fortune.

In the end, the law will apply egalitarian measures by default between brothers and sisters. 


This distribution may change if the deceased’s will so dictates, as long as hereditary reserves are respected. They are as follows:

– ½ on their part for the spouse ;

– ¾ on their part for each descendant.


Are you afraid of being at a disadvantage in an inheritance? Are you facing a complex situation? Call in a Lawrence lawyer, who will calculate your share and assist you with the legal steps!

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