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Family law: Is there an inheritance tax in Switzerland?

    Have you received an inheritance and are you wondering whether it is taxable? Lawrence will explain to you the terms and conditions.

    In Switzerland, there is an inheritance tax! It affects all individuals who accept an inheritance. The rate is calculated on the value of the share received.

    This tax is the responsibility of the tax authorities of the canton and, in some cases, of the commune of residence of the deceased. 

    In most cantons, household furnishings and personal objects obtained by inheritance are not taxed. 


    Who is exempt from inheritance tax?

    Spouses, registered partners, direct descendants, foster children and children of the deceased’s spouse will not pay tax on their share of the inheritance.

    Generally speaking, the tax rate on an inheritance depends on the value of the inherited share and the degree of kinship, but also on the place of residence of the deceased. The narrower the kinship, the lower or even non-existent the taxes will be.

    Please note that the inheritance tax cannot exceed the rate of the respective canton.


    Which rates apply?

    The deceased’s movable estate is taxed at the rate of his or her canton of residence.


    In which canton is the tax rate the lowest / the highest?

    In Switzerland, the lowest inheritance tax rate is in the cantons of Schwyz and Obwalden. No heirs will have to pay tax on their inheritance.

    The canton with the highest tax rate is Basel-Stadt. The partner of the deceased will have to pay inheritance tax of up to 49.5%!  


    The deceased resides in Canton A, but some property (a chalet) is located in Canton B. Which tax rate applies?


    Properties are taxed at the rate of the canton in which they are located.

    If the deceased resides in Geneva, but owns a chalet in Valais, the heir will see the property taxed at the rate applicable in that canton.


    Would you like to know whether your inheritance is taxable and at what rate? Lawrence will assist you and contact the appropriate authority for you!


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