Family law: Does the registration of the couple (Sir and Madam) in the land register, while Sir acquires the property in its entirety, change Madam’s share?

2Buying a property as a married couple is a big step in the union! It represents an important new chapter in your life together. 

Any transaction is often accompanied by legal procedures that can be complex.

When a property is purchased, the spouses automatically become co-owners, unless they indicate otherwise. They will therefore be in possession of part of the property, according to their contribution at the time of purchase, their “share”. 

Can a spouse who did not contribute to the purchase become a co-owner?

In short, yes, but only a few additional steps will have to be taken. 

The property shares can be defined in the land register and do not necessarily have to be those in effect at the time of purchase. 

Registering the couple in the land register ensures co-ownership and allows new shares to be set if the spouses wish to do so.

For example: If your wife does not finance your future home, she will not automatically become a co-owner, but can become one after she is registered in the land register.

We advise you to have a lawyer follow these steps for security and pension purposes. According to the law, the financing of a property by only one of the spouses is considered as a loan, even if the couple considers it as a gift. If the gift is not legally declared, this may prejudice the spouse who did not finance the property in the event of dissolution of the matrimonial regime.

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