How to claim a rent reduction ?

How to claim a rent reduction ?

In Switzerland, tenants have the right to request a rent reduction if the terms of their lease have not been respected or if there are defects in the accommodation. Here are the steps to take to apply for a rent reduction:

1. Review the lease: Check the terms of your lease and make sure they are being followed by the landlord;

2. Report defects: If you find any defects in the accommodation, report them immediately to the landlord or estate agent. Defects should be put in writing;

3.Requesting a rent reduction: If the defects are not corrected within a reasonable period of time, you can request a rent reduction. The request must be made in writing to the landlord or the estate agent;

4. Set a time limit: The application must include a reasonable time limit for correcting the defects, after which you can apply for a rent reduction;

5. Assessing the rent reduction: The rent reduction should be assessed according to the seriousness of the defects and the impact they have on the property;

6. Get agreement: If the landlord agrees to grant a rent reduction, this should be confirmed in writing;

7. Contact the relevant authorities: If the landlord refuses to rectify the defects or grant a rent reduction, you can contact the relevant housing authorities for assistance.

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